Our Equipment

A look at some of our equipment.

CAT 730 Rock Truck

The Cat 730 features a world-class cab design, re-engineered using global operator feedback to advance comfort and ease of operation. Enhancements include transmission-protection features, hoist-assist system, advanced automatic traction control system, and stability-assist machine rollover warning system. Our CAT 730 Articulated Rock truck is reliable, well maintained, and ready to go in whatever weather or terrain we have in our unique BC climate.

Upgrades, maintenance, and operations are all completed by our well qualified team including experienced operators and fully qualified technicians. This is all a part of our commitment to the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and productivity of our fleet. The CAT 730 Rock Truck is a great asset to our fleet and ready for work in any season.

CAT 330C Hydraulic Excavator

Delivering high-production performance, our Cat 330C has the most power and lift capacity of many comparable models on the market. Combined with our knowledgeable and experienced operators and technicians the result is maximum productivity at the lowest cost. Our CAT 330C combines the right balance of productivity features, reduced fuel consumption, and maintenance costs. The result is high reliability and low-cost-per-hour performance with the industry’s highest level of standard factory-equipped technology to boost productivity. Integrated Cat Connect Technology increases operating efficiency by up to 45 percent over traditional grading operations.

What sets our CAT 330C apart is the custom work completed on it including new doors, forestry cab guards, lighting, and above all the operators. This particular machine is a workhorse with little downtime for maintenance and repairs meaning much greater productivity along. The operator has many years experience in the BC backcountry building forestry roads, working with BC Wildfire, and on construction sites in the Okanagan. This machine is ready to take on any challenge.

CAT14M Grader

The industry standard Cat 14 motor grader is a classic companion of our fleet with many hours all over the Okanagan Valley.  With a large engine, great fuel economy, machine balance, enhanced transmission performance and a range of technology, this machine is ready to excel at any work site. CAT Grade with Cross Slope helps us improve haul road quality and consistency resulting in excellent productivity, increased safety and reduced wear and tear on the rest of our fleet. Stable Blade Technology detects and minimizes machine bounce by automatically controlling the throttle during operation with no operator intervention required, helping eliminate rework, saving time and reducing your fuel burn. Another addition to our fleet that proves time and again that good quality machinery is the backbone of any productive and efficient team.

Our CAT 14M Grader is an essential piece of our fleet that accompanies the rest of the team in a variety of location and job sites across the Okanagan. All maintenance is done in house with our specially trained technicians and operated by our experienced team. With different attachments available for their respective seasonal requirements this machine is useful in a variety of different applications.

CAT 336ELH Hydraulic Excavator

Our Fleet includes 2 well equipped CAT 336ELH machines. Having these machines in our fleet has become a great asset to our work and they are heavily utilized every day. The Cat 336ELH excavator centers on an innovative, fuel-saving “hydraulic hybrid” system that captures and reuses energy. Which means our machines have greater fuel efficiency—as much as 50 percent greater than other comparable machines. The benefits include lower fuel costs, reduced exhaust emissions and a smaller carbon footprint—all without any compromise in production, reliability, durability, or operability in all applications.

In addition to great fuel economy and a smaller carbon footprint our CAT 336s are outfitted with forestry guarding, custom lighting, and all the hardware to keep them working year-round. The operators paired with these machines are fully trained and capable of operating on any site from the deep BC forests to the bustling Okanagan urban centers. Both machines are fully maintained by our qualified technicians and the continued attention to the equipment shows in the minimal downtime they have through the year.

CAT 545D Skidder

Our diverse fleet includes a Cat 545D Skidder which is a versatile forestry machine capable of a variety of tasks. The drivetrain is a powerful combination of CAT components specially engineered for rough terrain. With independent front and rear differential locks maneuverability is maintained with improved traction. Strong multi-functioning hydraulic systems improve productivity and allow the operator to steer and operate functions simultaneously. The specialized grapple provides superior clamping force with reinforcements to improve the life of the attachment.

With the quality built into our CAT 545D Skidder along with exceptional durability allow our operators to do their job with ease and comfort in whatever conditions our work finds them in. Mechanically sound and strong our technicians provide the essential maintenance to keep it working with little downtime. Chains, forestry guarding, and at times a water tank our CAT 545D Skidder is a versatile machine with many different roles and our operators are equally matched to any work we may ask of them.

CAT D8N Crawler Tractor

The heaviest piece of the fleet and an irreplaceable asset to our team is the CAT D8N Crawler Dozer. A legendary workhorse built on quality and technology of its day, that stands the test of time, the D8N has become an essential machine in the fleet. It has shown many times how versatile, useful, and dependable it is from the forest deep in winter to the summer fire season its one of the first machines that gets shipped out to any work site to get the work started.

With its extensive workmanship over the years from general maintenance to impressive upgrades our CAT D8N and its operator it is a versatile hard-working machine that is up to any challenge. Between the powerful capabilities and versatility, it is in incomparable piece in our fleet.

Kobelco SK330-VI Hydraulic Excavator

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